Kindergarten Game Project Report

Save Princess Alice is the title of our game. The idea is to reach the princess, take her back to the castle, and help the people (or animals) that need you help.


The importance of basic education for small children has provided opportunities for game developers to create a fun, educative games. The goal of this project is to give children a small portion of education that is essential for their development.


Task Distribution

With Wilson as my teammate, we divided parts of this project for us to do. Wilson mainly play an important role in making the game interface, making icons, shapes, characters, and other items that are used in this game including all the sounds and music. My part is generally implementing all the items provided by Wilson and give all the logics needed in the game (primarily editing the event sheets in Construct 2).


Design Process

We thought of a game that is both easy to be played and easy to be understand so that the players will have fun and receive education while playing. The idea is to give the player a certain goal that will bring forth the player’s motivation to play the game while also help the people they meet along the journey. The player will be given a goal; bring back the princess.

The design theme for our game is simple, fun, and looks interactive. We made the icons, items, and characters with cartoon-like design.


Game Concept

A princess from a kingdom named Alice left the castle for her own reason. Concerned with his daughter so much, the king of the kingdom asked you to chase the princess and bring her back to the castle.

The game is a semi-free-roam game that can roam around the map, move to another map, but not able to go back to the previous map. When the character goes to certain locations, events will be triggered. Whenever the ‘events’ are triggered, you will meet a character (person or animal) that needs your help. That’s where the mini games come up. After you complete a mini game, you will be able to continue your journey, continuing to the next map. You will go through several maps before you are able to save the princess. The game ends after you are able to take the princess back to the castle.



First display of the game, the main menu. Here you can choose to start a new game or to load saved game.

main menu

New game

To start a new game, you need to enter your name.

start game

If all save slots are used, you can overwrite one of the saved games as your save slot.


The intro of the game tells you that the princess ran away from the castle and the king ask to get her back.

running princess
king calls you

You can free-roam by pressing arrow keys.

free roam

You will meet some people ( and animals) which will trigger ‘events’ to help them.

asked to help

The events then will need you to complete mini games to successfully help those who asked for help.

mini game 1

mini game 2

mini game 3


mini game 5

mini game 6
mini game 7
maze map

After going through some areas (maps) you will meet the princess, standing, with a Troll in front of her. The Troll will tell you to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” with your parents.

sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

After all that, the princess is willing to go back to the castle with you and the game is completed.

end of the game

Load game

Or, if you clicked load game in main menu, you may choose which is your name.

load game

The game will continue at the start of the map where you left off and you can continue your game.

for example load at map 5




Detailed info of the game

Map 1 —————————————————————————
Move until you meet an elder woman. She will ask you to help her get some apples.

Mini game – Apples
You have to find 5 apples. Click on the apples to get them one by one.

The elder woman will thank you and tell where the princess went. You will be moved to the next map automatically.

Map 2 —————————————————————————
Move until you meet a little wold. It will ask you to help getting food for him.

Mini game – No Veggies
The little wolf does not like eating vegetables. Feed little wolf with meat based food. Drag all the meat to the wolf.

The little wolf will thank you and tell you that the road the princess went was blocked by fallen tree. You will need to find another way.

Move until you meet mama sheep. She asks you to help her find her children.

Mini game – Mama Sheep
Mama sheep needs to find her children. Her children might be hiding somewhere that looks similar to her children (sheep). Click on 3 objects that look like sheep.

Mama sheep will thank you and tell you where the princess went. Follow the road ahead.

Map 3 —————————————————————————
Move until you are near the cross road. You take a cautious look before you cross the road. Taking a closer look, you see that some items are misplaced from where they should be.

Mini game – Closer Look
Put the misplaced items back to where they should be. Drag those items to the black slots with the same shapes of the items.

Now you are able to cross the road safely.

Map 4 —————————————————————————
Move until you meet an elderly woman (again). This time the elderly woman will ask you to find her kitten.

Mini game – Kitten
Help the elderly woman find her kitten by listening to its sound. Move your mouse over some objects on the display and click on the item that plays a kitten’s ‘meow’.

The elderly woman will thank you.

Move until you meet a breeder. The breeder is confused which animal has which sound.

Mini game – Sound Match
Help breeder matching the sounds to the correct animal. Click on the question marks. They will play an animal sound each. Drag the question mark to the correct animal.

The breeder will thank you and tell you where the princess went.

Map 5 —————————————————————————
Move until you meet a man. He is quite gloomy and need something to make his life more colorful.

Mini game – Color of Life
Help man to feel the beauty of colorful life. Drag each color on the palette to the correct areas.

The man will thank you.

Map 6 —————————————————————————
This are is a maze. Walk around and find the way to get to the other side of the maze.

Map 7 —————————————————————————
Here, you will meet the princess. A troll is keeping the princess from going anywhere. The troll asks you to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’.

Mini game – Sing
Sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’ with your parents.

After finished singing, the troll will go away, leaving you and the princess left. You ask the princess to go back to the castle with you. The princess agrees and both of you go back to the castle.

End of game.

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